Angel Wings and Herb Tea

Life after loss; healing through creativity, writing and art




A Journey. That’s what I’m on.

A life:  precious, infinite, jagged, raw, messy, gritty, tender, soft and yielding.


All those things.

We all have wild, beautiful spirits and the capacity to heal and grow, to become whole and unencumbered.


It’s all about connection.

Connection with life, connection with others, connection with the natural world..connection with ourselves.


I’m just on my way.


When I lost my eldest daughter Lily in 2009, I dropped into a strange world  desperate grief, shock and disbelief, but also into a place of deep love, knowing and beauty.

A doorway to a new way of being.


By nature independant and private,  (accursed words) I was forced out of my comfortable, aneasthetized busy busy ways.

Forced to CONNECT… .and accept support and love

Forced to STOP and listen:

To the flicker of the raven’s wing and the mouse’s sigh.

To STOP and see :

The glint of dawn on the foxes back,  the flurry of a white dove’s wing.

Forced to STOP and feel

A wound  searing me like a branding iron; the sun glancing on my cheek;  love, joy, grief.


To STOP and connect.




This is what I do.

I write…….to make my bones shiver with the truth of the word,s as they dance from my heart onto the page.


I paint  colours which make a vibrato in my belly and dance by my eyes like a symphony.


I gather the hedgerow plants  and take their  wild energy into my family to heal and nourish.


I allow myself to drop into the beat of a butterfly’s wing, to sink into the pale flamboyance of a primrose.


I open my eyes to see the pain in others, the joy, the sorrow, the gladness.

I try to open my heart.


I’m just learning.

Lily is with me, even when I am too busy to hear her. My four remaining children are with me, even when I am too busy to hear them.  My partner is here….. I am here.

You are here. Why don’t you stay a while, brew a herb tea settle down? You are very welcome friend.

Love Henrietta xx

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your site through Lucy Pearce’s Carnival of motherhood. Your writing as comforted me this morning. Thank you.

  2. It was good to chat on Saturday, and a delight to read your blog today. As you say, raw and tender, and reminding me of times past when I was a young mum in the fields and woods, planting and gathering, jamming and plucking…. I shall look forward to your posts, and hope that some of my stories might be useful for your children.

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