Angel Wings and Herb Tea

Life after loss; healing through creativity, writing and art

Carry on Painting

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I’m painting again, fresh new canvases arrived last week. I have never painted on canvas before, only sheets of hardboard stolen from my partners workshop. I told myself that when I sell a painting, I can buy canvases…I’ve sold two, so I did!


Just the first fresh, spontaneous layers, having fun, no planning , just intuition and freedom seeing what happens, no pressure to perform.


And I was excited to be featured on artist Janine Adamo’s blog as her Artist of the week read my interview here  

Next week you can find out all about her, as I will post her interview here!! And in following weeks, two more artists  to read about. I love to discover the processes behind a piece of art, the background , the artists story, what drives them, why they need to paint or draw or create.

Its short today; huge changes are afoot in our lives, planets are shifting I’m sure, angels are dancing, and that’s about all I can say for now…except my new Tarot pack arrived today The Wild Unknown 


Which I’m super excited about .




Just perfect for my deepening immersion in the mysteries of the Tarot with Arcarnum

More next time,

Love Henrietta xx


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