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Just before Dawn


I was in the middle of writing a post about my Blessingway ceremony, but he beat me to it, coming a week early…dear little boy, born to a family who love him so much…….

Born just before dawn on Wednesday morning…….

and a surprise for every child who came into he bedroom the next morning….

from eldest to youngest…….

Well I guess the Blessingway ceremony will keep for next time, for now we all feel very, very blessed.


8 thoughts on “Just before Dawn

  1. Wow, many congratulations. I hope he brings you all many years of happiness and joy.

  2. Welcome… how beautiful 🙂 warm wishes to you and yours x

  3. How wonderful, what a gorgeous baby – best wishes to you all : ) It's been a while since I visited your blog but I just wanted to say how beautifully you write and express your feelings, you've made me stop and think this morning, thankyou!

  4. congratulations – Warmest wishes to all your family

  5. Many, many congratulations! So excited to hear your wonderful news, what a cutie he is. Sending love to your beautiful family. xx

  6. Oh how wonderful, congratulations to you all. He is so very beautiful 🙂 xx

  7. Congratulations! What a gorgous litle boy. I wish you all the happiest of lives together xx

  8. Thankyou so much….we're all in love he's so gorgeous!

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